QUESTION: Who from the St. Sebastian forensic team went to STATE?


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100% of the St. Sebastian forensic team qualified for state competition Saturday, March 25 in West Bend. Congratulations to the ENTIRE team for a job well done. There were also a record number of team trophies this season. We received 4 team trophies from 7 tournaments—two 2nd place and two 3rd place. Our team members have also won numerous individual trophies and medals throughout the season, which gives reason why we took so many to state.

A huge thank you to our volunteer judges, drivers, and helpers this year for all of your time and support of our team. We cannot have a successful forensic program without your help. After school helpers were Amy Canapa, Patty Higgins, and Megan Luke. Judges were Kelly Glostott, Patty Higgins, Matthew Keiser, Sue Jiardini, Matthew Lichucki, Brent and Kim Nistler, and Paula Treacy. A special thank you to Marie Zeidler, our communication director.

The following students competed at state:

  • Lily Sobczak, Katie Knapp in Prose;
  • Anna Lichucki, Indie Jiardini, Keegan Madigan in Informative;
  • Naana Dampare in Persuasive;
  • Henry Desch in Non-original oratory;
  • Joe Lichucki in Impromptu speaking;
  • Zena Jiardini, Kallan Mosley in Demonstration;
  • Miquel Villa, Lance Rexroat in Infomercial;
  • Claire Nistler, Ian Treacy, Lizzy Zeidler, Rafa Alvarez-Reyes, Vin Stephenson in Solo humor;
  • Rosie Villa, Reed Burzynski in Group acting;
  • Michael Whitney, Levi Keiser in Group interpretation.

At state, we competed against 1,503 students from Wisconsin, and we took 6 of our students into finals.  Miquel Villa and Lance Rexroat received a 3rd place trophy, Lily Sobczak, Zena Jiardini, Rosie Villa, and Reed Burzynski all received medals.

Forensics is a very valuable program that gives our young people the opportunity to have safe, friendly competition while learning life-long speaking skills that they will be able to utilize immediately in the classroom and in the future. It is a huge time and effort commitment on the part of the students, but the satisfaction of a job well done, and the chance to go to state at the end of the season is well worth the work.

Congratulations again to the awesome St. Sebastian Forensics team.

– Kathy Kirkpatrick and Pat Russell, Coaches

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