The School Advisory Committee functions as the advisory board for school policy and programs. Various subcommittees work on promotion, publicity, budget, stewardship and long-range planning, along with action groups that address specific issues.  Click here for more detail.

Current Committee Members

Heather Grams    Principal
Lori Golomski Dean of Students
Cheryl Warner Chair
Maria Melendez Vice-Chair
Lisa Metz Secretary
ShaNese Jones  
Anne Novotny  
Melissa Karls  
Kevin Mullen Finance Council Liaison
Lori Larch Pastoral Council Liaison
Carole Poth Parish Cluster Administrator

Next Meeting:    September 12th


2018-19 Academic Year

2017-18 Academic Year

2015-16 Academic Year

2014-15 Academic Year (Last year as Education Committee)

2013-14 Academic Year

EC 06-19-14 Approved Minutes (unavailable)
EC 05-15-14 Approved Minutes
EC 04-10-14 Approved Minutes
EC 03-13-14 Approved Minutes
EC 02-20-14 Approved Minutes
EC 01-16-14 Approved Minutes
EC 11-19-13 Approved Minutes
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