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Forming Our Children in Faith

Faith is the foundation for all we do at Saint Sebastian Catholic School. Although we have daily lessons in Religion class, our focus in faith permeates the course of each day and year. 

Parents are their children’s first and primary educators in faith. We believe our role as faith-filled educators is to partner with families, growing together in relationship with God and in support of each child experiencing such an incredible lifelong gift, unmatched by anything the world can offer. 

We believe the investment in nurturing and growing the seeds your child’s faith together in our vibrant, loving community is a critical and impactful investment in your child’s present and future.

Our commitment to faith is evident in the following opportunities during the course of our year: 

  • Every school day begins and ends in prayer, together as a school community.
  • Prayer is woven throughout the course of the day, whether during homeroom time, morning meetings, classroom discussions, resolving conflicts, or before mealtimes.
  • Daily Religion class / lesson across all grade levels.
  • Integration of elements of faith within our Specials classes, including working collaboratively in Physical Education, Art projects, Music classes, and bi-annual school concerts.
  • Weekly all-school Mass, including family members and St. Coletta Day School.
  • Each school year is centered in and guided by a theme from sacred Scripture.
  • Our students participate in an all-school project, centered in our Scripture theme.
  • Sacramental preparation through St. Sebastian Parish at applicable age levels.
  • On-going opportunities to engage in the Sacraments, such as the Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation services, and Anointing of the Sick.
  • School-wide Traditions in faith are observed, such as the Rosary, May Crowning, All Saints Day, Advent, Lent, Stations of the Cross, and a Tenebrae service during Holy Week.
  • Our parish community helps support a faith community in Teosinte, El Salvador.
  • Every classroom is unique and diverse, which offers lived lessons in valuing others’ experiences in faith and family.
  • Student behavior management is centered in restorative justice practices, where as much as possible, all parties are involved in talking through conflicts, problem-solving together, and peacemaking; all key tenants of our mission.
  • School-wide & grade level service projects.
  • Days of reflection for students.
  • Staff retreats, twice per year.
  • All faculty meetings begin with prayer, which staff take turns in leading.
  • Weekly family newsletters include a theme tied to helping families grow in faith at home.

And of course, on-going opportunities to grow in faith through our parish of Saint Sebastian.