Fundraising is an ongoing challenge for any school. St. Sebastian School is no exception – we offer many fundraising ideas, many with products you already use or things you already do. St. Sebastian Home & School heads up many different fundraising efforts to support all its many activities for students, teachers and parents, including:

Magazine Sale

We ask that ALL St. Sebastian families participate in our Great American fundraiser. The Imagine catalog has hundreds of magazines, gift items and sweet treats to sell to family, friends, neighbors and work associates to benefit our school. Collect paper orders or ask people to order online. Check them out at, school code: 2535623. Kick off is usually in September.

Chair: Colleen Poggenberg

Scrap Metal Drive

Spring cleaning never felt so rewarding. Collect your useless scraps, and drop them off in the St. Sebastian parking lot. Volunteers will disassemble appliances and sort metals for you; leaving you with clean hands and a clean garage.

Cimco/Action Recyclers Accepted Items

Contact Chair: Corina Gencuski;

Book Fair

Find books for all ages. Stock up for Christmas at our Fall Book Fair in the school library. Come back in May to shop for Teacher Appreciation gifts and summer reading.

Fall Chair: Patty Higgins
Spring Chair: Stacey Rebholz

Painless Fundraising

Simple ways we can all pitch in:

Collect labels to earn valuable prizes for our school. Each year, you’ll receive plastic baggies to fill with labels. Send labels in via your student’s backpack or drop them off in the school office collection drawer. Thanks to your GREAT participation in the past, our students have earned wonderful supplies for their gym and classrooms.

Fish Fry

St. Sebastian’s Fish Fry has become a neighborhood tradition. Served the first Friday of the month during the school year as well as each Friday during Lent, our fish fry is a huge fundraiser for the school and parish. Classes sponsor one fish fry per season and all the parents of that grade are expected to volunteer to help prepare, serve or clean up. Students in 4th grade and up act as “fry kids” — as servers and bussers. It’s a fast-paced and fun way to spend an evening bonding with classmates’ families and helping your school!

Parish Fundraising

In addition to Home & School fundraisers, the parish hosts their own events and programs like the annual auction. Watch the website for details!