You’ve likely begun receiving information from publishers asking you to renew your magazine subscription–but wait! Please consider saving your subscriptions for renewal. Our Magazine/Gift Sale kick off is on 9/13/17 with a 9/22 turn-in day and a final turn-in day on 9/29.

If you can’t wait, the website is always available for your review. We get the profits year round, so if you wanted a personalized gift this summer, check out and use the St. Sebastian School code 2535623. You can also click the SHOP NOW button below. Students do not earn credit toward prizes during this time like they would during the official sale dates; however, ST SEBASTIAN SCHOOL SW will receive 40% of the purchase price…just as they do during the fundraiser!

We are also in need of one volunteer to train to run the sale. Training would occur over 2017-2018, but mostly in the fall. Working on this important fundraiser takes just a little organization and a few hours. You can pick the future dates and times to work around your schedule. Please contact Colleen at

Here’s why it makes sense to make ST SEBASTIAN SCHOOL SW your first choice when ordering or renewing a magazine:

  1. Your price… at savings up to 90% off newsstand, these are the best prices you can find almost anywhere!
  2. Your order makes a difference… thanks to you, ST SEBASTIAN SCHOOL SW will receive a check equal to 40% of your purchase price-—automatically. All you have to do is click the SHOP NOW button to purchase the magazine you would have purchased anyway!
  3. Selection… with more than 650 magazine offers available, you’re sure to find your favorites and your family’s favorites-—there’s something for everyone!

Ordering or renewing a magazine to help ST SEBASTIAN SCHOOL SW is easy: Click the SHOP NOW button below, and then go shopping. It really is that simple!!

shop now

For Further Assistance Please Contact Customer Care Toll-Free at 877-289-6247 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST)

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