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Math Instruction

Guiding Principals for Math Instruction

We believe that all students can love math! Math can be a joyful, exciting time of every school day.


We believe in inspiring students to build their resilience, confidence, and tools to persevere through difficult tasks so that students believe in their ability to problem-solve.


We believe in fostering a culture of vulnerability and growth, where students feel safe to take risks, ask questions, and view challenges as opportunities to grow, even and especially when it is hard and no matter one’s level of proficiency.  


We believe that developing strong fluency and automaticity with math facts builds stronger math understanding and efficiency.


We believe all students can engage in rigorous, hands-on problem solving and dialogue.


We believe all students can grow a deeper understanding of math sense, given opportunities to choose which strategies, representations, and models they use to solve problems. 


We believe that learning in a variety of formats (whole group, small group, and independent practice) best meets the needs of diverse learners.


We believe students grow in math when thinking critically and problem solving.


We believe that the work needs to be rigorous but also responsive, so that every student receives the support they need with timely feedback and targeted small group instruction. 


We believe that math instruction must prepare students to excel in their continued education and life opportunities beyond St. Sebastian School.