Molly1Did you know that St. Sebastian School has a speech and language therapist for its students? Not many Catholic schools do, so it’s a real privilege and benefit to our students and staff to have her on board! Molly Ambrose is in her fourth year at St. Sebastian School. Her responsibilities include working with children with articulation and phonological errors (sound substitutions), stuttering, social skills, and, most importantly, expressive and receptive language delays.

The students are referred by parents and teachers and then Molly meets with the students to conduct a speech and language screening to determine if they would benefit from therapy. If a more in-depth evaluation is needed, they are referred to MPS or other districts for a full evaluation. During language therapy, she focuses on improving students’ vocabulary, following directions, answering questions, and using complete and grammatically correct sentences. She meets with students in small groups or on an individual basis one to two times a week, depending on the need. The best part is there is no additional fee for this valuable service!

Molly’s favorite part of the job is being a part of her students’ growth: not only their speech, but social and academic advancements as well. Seeing the improvements over time is very rewarding.

When she isn’t working, Molly is the mastermind behind the extremely busy Ambrose family calendar. She spends a lot of time in the car, shuttling her kids from one activity to another. She also finds the time to be the Dean of Marketing for our school, a Daisy Troop leader, and the coach for the new Girls On The Run team for 3-5th grade girls at the school.

Molly and her husband, Dillon, live in Washington Heights with their four children: Jack, 5th grade; Kate, 3rd grade; Evie, 1st grade; and Archie, 3, who attends PAL. 

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