Our accomplished and committed faculty is vital to our success. Each teacher is Wisconsin certified, with six members holding advanced teaching degrees. Our 23 full-time teachers, 4 part-time teachers and 2 classroom aides have an average of 11 years teaching and 8 years with St. Sebastian.

Our Physical Education, Music, Art, Spanish, Speech Therapist and Computer classes are taught by certified teachers with expertise in their field.
Our teachers work under the leadership of Principal Heather Grams, who holds master’s degrees in Theology/Pastoral Counseling and in Educational Leadership.
Our middle school program is departmentalized, where teachers are teaching in their certified fields.

Students needing academic assistance or enrichment work in any subject area are served by the certified teachers in our Learning Center, both one-on-one, and in small groups.

An excellent school library offers all students’ titles for pleasure reading, resources for school projects and access to on-line research tools. Students receive personal assistance from our accredited librarian and an outstanding team of library volunteers.

Contact Information for St. Sebastian School

1747 North 54th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53208
School Office: (414) 453-5830
Email: school@saintsebs.org

Current staff list

Parish Priest Fr. Larry Chapman lchapman@saintsebs.org
Principal Ms. Heather Grams hgrams@saintsebs.org
      General School Inquiries school@saintsebs.org
Dean of Students Mrs. Lori Golomski lgolomski@saintsebs.org
Dean of Student Services Mrs. Amy Shambarger ashambarger@saintsebs.org
Deans of Recruitment/Development Mrs. Molly Ambrose mambrose@saintsebs.org
Mrs. Megan Murray meganmurray45@aol.com
K4 Room 112 Mrs. Wendy Conklin wconklin@saintsebs.org
K4 Room 4 Mrs. Heidi Spellman hspellman@saintsebs.org
K5 Room 111 Mrs. Liz Behling lbehling@saintsebs.org
 K5 Room 107 Mrs. Karrie Hentges khentges@saintsebs.org
Grade 1 Room 104 Ms. Jennifer Thayer jthayer@saintsebs.org
Grade 2 Room 106 Mrs. Amy Kozina akozina@saintsebs.org
Grade 2 Room 105 Mrs. Kerry Schlater kschlater@saintsebs.org
Grade 3 Room 102 Mrs. Diane Saeger dsaeger@saintsebs.org
Grade 3 Room 103 Ms. Becca Kaja bkaja@saintsebs.org
Grade 4 Room 203 Mrs. Lisa Sobczak lisasobczak@saintsebs.org
Grade 4 Room 204 Mrs. Melinda Runnoe mrunnoe@saintsebs.org
Grade 5 Room 201 Mrs. Megan Luke mluke@saintsebs.org
Grade 5 Room 202 Mrs. Cyndy Lofy clofy@saintsebs.org
Grade 6 (Literature) Room 205 Ms. Mel Wagner mwagner@saintsebs.org
Grade 6 (Language Arts) Room 206 Mrs. Christine Clementi cclementi@saintsebs.org
Grade 7 (Math) Room 211 Ms. Kim Green kgreen@saintsebs.org
Grade 7 (Science) Room 212 Mrs. Sarah Mrozinski smrozinski@saintsebs.org
Grade 8 (Soc. Studies) Room 207 Mr. Patrick McKeown pmckeown@saintsebs.org
Grade 8 (Religion) Room 210 Ms. Sheryl Rick srick@saintsebs.org
Music Room 3 Mrs. Karla Hartley khartley@saintsebs.org
Art Room 2 Mrs. Laura Lionberg llionberg@saintsebs.org
Computers Room 208 Mrs. Ellen Keldermann ekeldermann@saintsebs.org
Physical Education Gym Ms. Mary Zimmermann mzimmermann@saintsebs.org
Library Mrs. Stacy Rebholz srebholz@saintsebs.org
Learning Center Mrs. Kathy Kirkpatrick kkirkpatrick@saintsebs.org
Mrs. Lori Golomski lgolomski@saintsebs.org
Special Education Mrs. Amy Shambarger ashambarger@saintsebs.org
Speech Mrs. Molly Ambrose mambrose@saintsebs.org
Spanish Mrs. Ina Johnson johnsoni@archmil.org
Band Mr. Corey Klunk All Saints Music
Learning Aides Mrs. Lori Golomski lgolomski@saintsebs.org
Mrs. Sue Goeden goedens@archmil.org
Office Staff Mrs. Pat Fredericks pfredericks@saintsebs.org
Mrs. Jen Sveda jsveda@saintsebs.org
Mrs. Maggie Blaha
School Counselor Mrs. Jennifer Skinner jskinnersjs@yahoo.com
Faith Formation Director Mr. Ed Dunklee edunklee@saintsebs.org
St. Coletta Day School Room 101 Mr. William Koehn info@scdsmke.org
Room 1 Mrs. Rachel Lustig rachelswimmom@yahoo.com
Teaching Assistants Ms. Traci Schneider
Ms. Julie Borouchoff
Maintenance Mr. Bryan Kirkpatrick bkirkpatrick@saintsebs.org
Cafeteria Ms. Naomi Cayce sebslunch@saintsebs.org 
Playground Supervisor Mrs. Patti Higgins
PAL Director Mr. Frank Maloney fmaloney@saintsebs.org
Assistant Director Ms. Kelly Bentfield  kbentfield@saintsebs.org