Students and parents are engaged and supported in a Christ-centered faith through a variety of educational opportunities.

Student Liturgies
Staff and students cooperatively plan for weekly and Holy Day Masses.

First Eucharist / First Reconciliation
Second grade students prepare for First Eucharist and First Reconciliation.

Religious Education Resource Room
A library of Christian-based books, tapes and videos for any family to borrow.

Service Projects
Students are expected to complete meaningful work on service projects as part of the middle school curriculum. Service is performed in the parish and community, in established settings such as St. Ben’s Meal Program, special events held at St. Sebastian, or by helping neighbors and family.

Parish School
As a parish school, we recognize the importance of community and the value of serving others. Throughout the year, students and their families are encouraged to participate in school- wide community outreach programs.
◦ Students are invited to bring food for local pantries.
◦ Families donate uniforms they can no longer use to the Uniforms to Share

School Covenant
We’ve summarized our key beliefs into a School Covenant which is presented to each school family so they can post it in a prominent place in their homes.

St. Sebastian School Covenant

As members of St. Sebastian Catholic School we believe that building a God-centered community begins with each one of us. In building this kind of community, we are guided by the following values.


Tell The Truth
Do your own schoolwork. Play fair. Admit when you are wrong.


Care About Others And Their Needs
Welcome new people. Help each other when you can. Comfort people who are sad. Don’t take advantage of others.


Resolves Conflict In A Positive Way
Stick up for what is right. Accept apologies. Think about how others feel. Listen to others.


Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated
Accept people for who they are. Listen to your teachers and those in charge. Don’t tease or gossip. Take care of your school.


Do What Is Right
Get to school on time. Do your homework on time. Apologize for your mistakes. Help each other to make good choices.