School Mission

St. Sebastian Catholic School’s mission strives for academic excellence and spiritual development, enriched with Gospel centered service, throughout its diverse community in grades K4-8th.

The covenant values of honesty, kindness, peacemaking, respect, and responsibility form the foundation of the school culture.
In collaboration with school families and the entire Parish community, the school’s staff seeks to develop the individual gifts of each student.


The philosophy of St. Sebastian School is to share in the responsibility of educating children through a Christ-centered focus on spiritual and academic development. We believe that the family is the primary educator of its children and demonstrates a fundamental model for living.
We believe in the student’s God-given uniqueness which celebrates the individual, cultural and learning differences of each person.
We believe in creating a Christian environment which enables a child to feel secure and to welcome the challenges of learning.


  • To integrate religious and moral values throughout our curriculum.
  • To encourage participation in gospel-centered living by modeling Catholic values, teaching doctrinal religion, and developing an appreciation for prayer, especially Mass.
  • To foster a caring atmosphere for the entire school community.
  • To motivate each child to take the values learned and knowledge gained into his/her daily life
  • To influence the children to go forth and do good for others through global and local service opportunities.

Our mission is the Christian education of children in grades K4 through 8 in a five-day primary and middle school setting. Toward that end, we commit ourselves to:

  • Integrating Catholic Christian and moral values into the curriculum • Respecting and promoting each student’s God-given uniqueness
  • Encouraging participation in Gospel-centered living
  • Instilling a Christian responsibility to serve others
  • Maintaining ongoing communication and cooperation between the school and families of our students
  • Inspiring each child to a life-long love of learning
  • Recognizing religious, cultural and learning differences
  • Fostering a caring atmosphere for the entire school community