In addition to our high academic standards, it’s the “extras” that make the St. Sebastian experience an outstanding one for each student. We’re proud to offer a full schedule of co- curricular specials and field trips for every grade. Our range of programs is evidence of our commitment to providing a well-rounded education. Dedicated parent volunteers who believe strongly in their role as participants in the education process both at home and at school facilitate these extended activities.

From classroom helpers at the teacher’s request, library volunteers, lunchroom and playground volunteers, chaperones, and more, there is always a way you can be involved in your child’s school. Outside the classroom there are even more opportunities: Home & School committee and its many functions, scout leaders, coaches, chess club volunteers, and more.

We hope and expect that parents will understand the need and benefits of their involvement with their child’s school. St. Sebastian asks that each parent volunteers at least 5 hours per child per school year; however, we do expect that you do as much as you personally can. Your child will benefit from seeing you being a volunteer and the school and community as a whole will benefit by becoming even stronger!

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