We face temptations against confidence. We confront a defeatist attitude among some that our Catholic schools are a relic of the past, past of a fading Catholic culture; we are afraid to trumpet the proven value of our schools for fear of offending those in public schools, or in our programs of religious education; we are sensitive to jabs that our schools cost too much and drain money from other necessary ministries. So we are tempted to be shy about our schools, hesitant to promote them, meek about defending them.

Yet, “our Catholic schools are one of the best things going, cherished by both Catholics and the wider community, one of the most effective tools of evangelization, and one of the most admired ways we serve the wide society. They are worth every penny.”

Our children need them, our parents love them, our alumni are eternally grateful to them, and the wider community admires them.

– Former Archbishop Timothy Dolan

We Choose Sebs

Our parents, both then and now, made life altering choices to send their children (us) to Catholic schools. It was the right thing to then, and it is the right thing to do now. However, it’s not just the religious foundation they receive; there is more. One Sebs parent writes:

  • We choose a strong Catholic community, for ourselves, and for our daughter.
  • We choose a community where we know our neighbors, their children, grandchildren, and cats and dogs – and they know us.
  • We choose a faith community in a neighborhood where a neighbor will put a bulletin in our mailbox if we are out of town.
  • We choose sidewalks that are used by new parents showing off their babies, power-walkers, dog-walkers, children on scooters.
  • We choose a community with children walking to and from school.
  • We choose a community where neighbors catch up with each other after Mass, before or after a school day, leaning on their shovels in the winter, in their backyards or front porches, as well as at the grocery store.
  • We choose to live in the city for the ease of attending cultural events, festivals, and the arts.
  • We choose to have it all.
  • We choose Sebs.

From Our Students

“Thinking back on my years at St. Sebastian, I realize that it isn’t just a place for kids to learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. It is also a great environment to develop socially, spiritually and physically. The atmosphere created by the teachers and staff helps create a sense of how to get along with others and the importance of working together. And because St. Sebastian is so community oriented, I learned a great deal about what else is important in life, besides just what was in our books. I now appreciate the headstart I got while growing up through St. Sebastian.”


From Our Parents

“We have been fortunate to have our children grow in the nurturing environment of our Catholic school where their unique gifts were fostered, their curiosities were stimulated, and their need for love was satisfied. We have six children, aged six to eighteen. Four are current students at St. Sebastian and our older two graduated from the school in 2000 and 2002. Our older daughter attends DSHA, where she is a junior. Our oldest son recently graduated from MUHS and is now a freshman at Notre Dame. We are pleased that their time at St. Sebastian prepared them to do well academically in high school and beyond, and to approach their studies, recreation, and life with a concern for others.”


“When we were preparing to move to Milwaukee from the east coast three years ago, we heard praise for St. Sebastian from future co-workers. We have found here just what they had described: a social justice-oriented parish and school that promotes solidarity with the local and international community. For our family, this is the type of home we were looking for.”


“As a graduate of St. Sebastian School, I am excited to return to the school, this time as a parent.My wife and I have a sixth- and seventh-grader who love being a part of St. Sebastian School. We are impressed with the strong academic program offered at St. Sebastian and its commitment to Catholic values.”


“The St. Sebastian curriculum gives our daughters a challenge, and we have definitely seen growth in troubled academic areas. We look at St. Sebs as more of a family than a school. Everyone was so warm and inviting to our family. All of the volunteer opportunities really give the parents a chance to connect with each other.”


“When I learned that the parish at St. Sebastian supports the education needs of all students at St. Sebastian School, I immediately started tithing more, even though I don’t have kids at the school. Catholic education is very important. Not to take anything away from public schools, but if we do not have God and faith interwoven in our children’s education, the children lose more than just religion lessons.”


“The sense of community and strong parental support are why we chose St. Sebastian School for our three children. Excellent and caring teachers, solid leadership and administration, and parents who are as much a part of the school as their children -that’s what we cherish about St. Sebastian. It’s an extension of the parish atmosphere itself – faith driven, with a welcoming spirit and a positive, joyful attitude.”


“One key issue brought us to St. Sebastian School: its commitment to honoring and respecting the unique qualities of each child, all in the context of a strong moral foundation. St. Sebastian School also recognizes that family, teachers, students and the community play a vital role in the learning process — and it embraces these opportunities. Our family is blessed to be a part of this experience.”


“When my oldest daughter was 4 and my wife and I were trying to decide where to enroll her for kindergarten, we shopped around. Several schools allowed my daughter to sit in on the kindergarten class for half an hour or so and get a feel for the place. I thought for sure my daughter’s first choice would be the school with the coolest playground. But after meeting Mrs. Maigaitter, she said she wanted to go to St. Sebs. I now have two kids at Sebs, and I look forward to enrolling my two youngest kids in the next few years. I have been consistently impressed with the high quality of teaching, the character of the students and the involvement of the community. St. Seb’s is a real gem!”