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St. Sebastian Georginne Worman Library

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About Our Library

Students in grades K4-5th visit the library once a week for thirty minutes. In addition to checking out books, the library staff presents book talks, library lessons, and story times for students during this time. Middle-school students use their library time to do research, homework, and to check out books.

Book Limits

How many books can students check out at a time, and for how long?

  • K4-1st Grade: 1 book for 1 week
  • 2nd-3rd Grade: Up to 2 books for 1 week
  • 4th-5th Grade: Up to 3 books for 1 week
  • 6th-8th Grade: Up to 4 books for 2 weeks

Up to 2 renewals are permitted if needed.

Due Date for Books

Books are due back on the day a class visits the library. Due dates are stamped on a slip of paper at the back of each book.

Overdue & Lost/Damaged Books*

If a book is checked out past the due date, the book becomes overdue. Future checkouts to students with overdue books will be limited until overdue books are returned. Notices will be sent home with students indicating the book(s) that are overdue. Please return the overdue book(s) ASAP to the library. There is a book drop located outside the library should the library be closed.

Should a book become lost or damaged, it must be paid for promptly. Notices will be sent home and any payments should be brought to school in a labeled envelope.

*Note: Report cards will not be issued at the end of each quarter until all books are returned and any lost/damaged book payments are made.



In lieu of charging library fines for overdue books, we use the R.O.B.O.T. reward system. When classes consistently return their books on time they will earn a small reward in the library.

Access the St. Sebastian Library Catalog from home!

No more wondering if our library has a book checked in or not! Our circulation software allows you to search our school library from home! Paste the following URL at the top of your page: https://stsebastian.follettdestiny.com/ .

Add this link to your favorites at home for easy access!

Used Books

The library is accepting gently used books! If we already have a donated book in our collection, we will add the book to our used book cart outside the library or use as prizes/giveaways to students. Sales from the books on the used book cart directly benefit the library.