SCRIP is a fundraising program that provides dozens of brand-name gift cards for purchase, with a portion going to St. Sebastian. Click here to see the list of vendors.

All parish members, school families, or Faith Formation families can choose to participate without incurring additional expenses, and anyone can use the gift cards. It’s an easy way to contribute financially to the parish or to get credit toward education registration fees. Participating vendors sell certificates to the St. Sebastian SCRIP Committee at a discount, and the SCRIP committee sells the certificates at face value.

What is SCRIP?
  • SCRIP is an “unfundraiser” for the parish. The parish purchases gift certificates to over 90 stores at a discounted rate. Parish members buy these certificates at the face value. The amount discounted becomes profit to the parish or if you are a School Family or Faith Formation Family, you can use the profit you earn to offset your fees.
  • The discounts at which the different stores sell their certificates range from 2% to 20%. Typically the restaurants and some retail stores give the greatest discounts. Food stores and gas stations give the lowest discounts. See the SCRIP Order Form for the discount rates per vendor.
Where Can I Buy SCRIP Certificates?
  • AFTER MASS CASH & CARRY – Stop at the SCRIP table after Mass. Pick up what you need, write a check or pay cash and you are on your way!
  • SPECIAL ORDER – Complete an order form with the items you wish to order. Drop it off at the Parish Office or School Office by Friday noon or after Mass on Sunday. Your certificates will be ready for you the following Thursday. You determine where to pick them up – Parish Office, after Mass, School Office, or have them sent home in your child’s backpack.
  • STANDING ORDER – You determine what certificates, in what amounts, how often you would like to receive them – weekly, monthly, etc. and how you would like to receive them – pick up at Parish Office, after Mass, School Office, or have them sent home in your child’s backpack. Talk to a SCRIP committee member to set this up! This is the easiest way to purchase SCRIP!
  • PARISH OFFICE CASH & CARRY – Stop in at the Parish Office whenever it is open and purchase what you need.
What Do These Certificates Look Like?
  • They are the actual gift certificates/cards that you would get if you purchased them from the store. They make terrific gifts because they are recognized as legal gift certificates in all the stores.
How Do I Use the Certificates I Purchase?
  • You use them just like cash. Present them at the time of checkout. Some stores ask that you sign the back – Sentry for example.
  • Some stores have limits on the amount of change you can receive. Usually, you cannot receive more than $5 in change.
  • Some stores accept them as payment on your charge card balance. Kohl’s Department Store is one example.

Click here to download both pages of the order form, last updated November 2018.

Email Julie at for more information.