Please consider becoming involved in any of the opportunities below, where we need parent support in order to best provide for students in these areas:

  1. SAFETY: Ms. Grams is convening a task force of parents who will study, revise, and implement or safer and more efficient means of pick-up in the afternoons at dismissal. Please let Ms. Grams know by next Wednesday, February 15th if you are able to participate in this important matter. You can contact her at:
  2. “St. Sebs SERVES” Day: In order to best meet our mission of preparing students to serve God and others in their communities and the world, it is a goal to grow a school-wide service program, with hands-on opportunities for our children to engage in. If you are interested in this meaningful opportunity to help shape this program, please attend a brief morning meeting on Thursday, February 16th at either 7:30 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. at school (your children can come hang out with us as well). If you cannot make either meeting, but are interested in participating, please let Ms. Grams know by Wednesday, February 15th ( We will begin our efforts in hopes of coordinating an all-school Lenten service day, ideally.
  3. High Interest Day: High Interest Day is always a day our students look forward to; perhaps the highlight of their school year! In past years, we have had dedicated parents coordinating this day; however, as shared at Open House, we currently do not a team able to make High Interest Day a reality for this year, thus far. If you are interested in being part of a team to try and plan this great day for the students, please let Ms. Grams know. The more hands available, the easier on volunteers, as well as more enjoyable for the students’ experience!

If you know of anyone interested in helping with any of the areas above (whether parent, parishioner, alum, etc), all are welcome! Please let us know. The goal is to provide the best educational opportunities and experiences for our students as we can together!

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